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QOL Medical, LLC
Sucraid (Solution For Oral) (Oral) sacrosidase
Drug Classes: Genetic, Enzyme, or Protein Disorder: Replacement, Modifiers, Treatment
NDA Applicant: QOL Medical, LLC      BLA No.: 020772  Prod. No.: 001 Rx (1,003,000IU/118ML (8,500IU/ML)); 002 Rx (17,000IU/2ML (8,500IU/ML))
ExclusivityExpirationExclusivity Description
Exclusivity Type: Orphan Drug ExclusivityApr 9, 2005Orphan Designation: Treatment of congenital sucrase-isomaltase deficiency
Approved Labeled Indication: Oral replacement therapy of the genetically determined sucrase deficiency, which is part of congenital sucrease-isomaltase deficiency.

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